Precision Window Tinting

Precision Window Tinting

Providing Professional Film Services in Philly Since 2005

At Precision Window Tinting we all have a passion for cars and treat your car as if it was our own. We are an owner operated business and employ 3 expert window tinters who are all extremely professional. As the owner Juan Maldonado has been tinting since 2005 and has tinted thousands of cars. After re-establishing a tint shop in northeast Philadelphia he decided he could provide better service and an all around better experience for the customer so that motivated him to open his own business. He has been doing exactly that since then.

We are the first tint shop to offer affordable COMPUTER CUT window tinting in the Tri-state area. When you decided to bring your car to precision window tinting you can be assured that your car will be handled with care. During the window tinting process a water soap solution is used and we take the extra time to make sure we dry your door panels and give you back your car the way you gave it to us.

The way our shop is set up you can watch your car being tinted through a glass door. Our place of business is clean and we do have a waiting room for our customers. We have a very large lot so parking is never a problem. We will be as excited as you are to tint your car.

Hope to see you soon! Thank you.

Please note that we have moved locations and can find our new location on our contact page.

Our Services

Window Tint

If you want to give your car a fresh look and deter prying eyes, contact the pros at Precision Window Tinting LLC to get expert vehicle tinting services. Window tinting will not only keep people from peering into your vehicle, it will also give you an extra level of comfort and increase the car’s resale value.

Ceramic Coating

Precision Window Tinting proudly uses XPEL Fusion Plus Ceramic Coating, a high performance agent that bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, insect acids and so much more to keep your ride looking its best.

Paint Protection

Don’t let your paint, exterior & interior surfaces take a beating. Protecting your ride, one drive to the next, explore a variety of protective films perfect for any application available only from XPEL and installed by the pros at Precision Window Tinting and Paint Protection. We’ve got you covered!


Automotive detailing goes beyond just a clean car. It helps preserve the exterior paint, protects the interior surfaces, and maintains the overall value of your vehicle. Read on for more info about the significance of regular detailing for your car’s longevity, aesthetics and so much more.