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We are the first Professional window tint shop to offer affordable COMPUTER CUT window tinting in the Philadelphia area. Our work is superior in comparison to other tinting businesses. With our TRUE LIFETIME WARRANTY you do not have to worry about anything after having your windows tinted. Our warranty covers fading, peeling, color change, delamination, demetallization and bubbling along with our workmanship. When calling our business you will be dealing with expert window tinters, don’t settle for someone just answering the phone who has no actual hands on experience. Do not settle for anything less than the best and choose PRECISION WINDOW TINTING.

So why choose us to tint your car? Unlike many other businesses that give you a low price with their “standard” film, which more than often is a no name low cost dyed polyester film that can possibly turn purple within 1-2 years, we only use Xpel PRIME window films. We use their Color Stable, Prime High Performace and XR series. Some of the problems you will experience with no name low cost dyed films are that they offer very low heat rejection so you’re not keeping your car cooler, and they are not durable films they just don’t last. Our Xpel PRIME films offer great heat rejection, cutting the heat by more than half even with a light percentage. Our High Performance film has been tested and proven that it can stand the test of time and more importantly the sun! So if you want a great job with high quality film bring your car to Philadelphia’s window tinting experts. CALL TODAY 215-531-2046

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  1. I got my windows done today and they look great . I will definitely bring my friends over to this place. They were very polite and very quick. The place is clean and it only took 45 min. To tint the whole car all the way around. Excellent work