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We are the first Professional window tint shop to offer affordable COMPUTER CUT window tinting in the Philadelphia area. Our work is superior in comparison to other tinting businesses. With our TRUE LIFETIME WARRANTY you do not have to worry about anything after having your windows tinted. Our warranty covers fading, peeling, color change, delamination, demetallization and bubbling along with our workmanship. When calling our business you will be dealing with expert window tinters, don’t settle for someone just answering the phone who has no actual hands on experience. Do not settle for anything less than the best and choose PRECISION WINDOW TINTING.

So why choose us to tint your car? Unlike many other businesses that give you a low price with their “standard” film, which more than often is a no name low cost dyed polyester film that can possibly turn purple within 1-2 years, we only use Xpel PRIME window films. We use their Color Stable, Prime High Performace and XR series. Some of the problems you will experience with no name low cost dyed films are that they offer very low heat rejection so you’re not keeping your car cooler, and they are not durable films they just don’t last. Our Xpel PRIME films offer great heat rejection, cutting the heat by more than half even with a light percentage. Our High Performance film has been tested and proven that it can stand the test of time and more importantly the sun! So if you want a great job with high quality film bring your car to Philadelphia’s window tinting experts. CALL TODAY 215-531-2046

Affordable Auto Window Tinting Services in Philadelphia

Tint shops are a dime a dozen in the Philadelphia area. Yet few maintain the same levels of quality that we do. They prefer instead to charge outrageous prices and use materials that easily deteriorate over time. Precision Window Tinting doesn’t. We’re one of the few tint shops that invest in high-quality materials and utilize experienced contractors to give you a tint job that you’ll love. Here’s everything you need to know about our car tint shop in the Philadelphia area.

Affordable Car, Headlight & Tail Light Tinting in Philly

When you’re looking for reputable car window tinting shops in South Philly, then we’re the one to use. Our car tint shop offers tinting services for several parts of your car including:

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We even offer special services like remote car starter installation in Philadelphia.

One of the reasons people come to our car tint shop is because we offer cheap prices on all of our services. When you come to us for window tinting in South Jersey or South Philly, you can expect a few benefits. One of them is improved security.

After visiting one of the best car window tinting shops in Philadelphia, PA, your car will no longer be an open book. Thieves won’t be able to easily spot valuable items sitting in your car. As a result, they’re less likely to break into it. This improves the safety and privacy of your car.

Another benefit you can experience after receiving a car window tint is a decrease in the internal temperature inside your car. Have you ever slipped inside of your car after it’s been baking under the sun in Philadelphia, PA? Perhaps you burnt your hands on your steering wheel. No one should have to suffer from that experience.

That’s why you can find relief with our window film. We use a special window film for our window tinting in Bucks County and Philly. The window film lasts longer than other tint shops in the area. This is because it’s made of high-quality materials. We make the investment. You can enjoy a longer-lasting tinted window.

More than anything, car window tinting can decrease the temperature inside of your car. Drive safely and comfortably with our cheap car window tinting in Montgomery County, PA and Philadelphia.

One last benefit that a car tint can provide is the preservation of the interior of your car. When exposed to the sun over a long period of time, the fabric of your seats can start to fade. Adding in a car tint can deflect the rays and help preserve the fabric.

Besides auto window tinting, we have other car tint services like headlight tinting and tail light tinting in Philly. Headlight tinting is a cheap way to style your car. It can also make your car safer to drive at night.

Why You Should Choose Us for Window Tinting

With plenty of different options for a car window tint, you should choose us for our experience and devotion to using high-quality materials. You don’t want inexperienced hands attempting to perform a car window tint on your car. They could damage it.

Our professionals will offer you a cheap and incredible auto window tinting service that is unmatched elsewhere.

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If you’re ready for the best window tinting service in the area, then give us a call. After you receive our car window tinting service, you’ll understand why our car tinting services are the best. Contact our expert team today.

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