Our entry level film is MaxPro XPP: Maxpro XPP film offers high quality and good protection. With a true charcoal dyed non metal construction this product protects against heat, glare and offers UV protection. Backed with a manufacturer 3 year warranty

-Our lifetime warranty film is MaxJet High Performance: Our high performance line is all about keeping cool and looking cool. Made with a metallized layer, Maxpro MaxJet High Performance rejects and reflects more solar energy, is available in darker VLTs, and has an attractive – and slightly reflective appearance. Backed with a manufacturer lifetime warranty that includes color change and fading.

-Element IR series: Maxpro ElementIR™ takes window film performance to a whole new level. Utilizing our proprietary mineral-dyed construction combined with Infrared rejection technology, this film combines color-stability with extreme heat rejection, offering a premium look and superior performance. Maxpro’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty ensures 100% satisfaction over the lifetime of this film.

We specialize in automotive, commercial and residential window tinting. One of the main concerns a customer should have when deciding to get their car tinted is what brand of film is being used along with the workmanship of the installer. Here at Precision Window Tinting we use only the highest quality films, MaxPro window films and Lamin-x for headlights and taillights. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our work which includes peeling, bubbling, fading, de-lamination and adhesive failure. Along with tinting we also install paint protection and vinyl graphics.


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